February 13, 2020

No further deforestation by palm oil company in West Papua

JAKARTA ( - As recommended by at the beginning of February 2019, monitoring is required to ensure that no further deforestation practices are carried out by a Jakarta-listed company (PT ANJT) in its two palm oil concessions in West Papua. 

Until early December 2018, as also reported by, ANJT was still engaged in deforestation in the two palm oil concessions. This company finally ended deforestation in these palm oil concessions at the end of December 2018, evidence of which was also reported on by in early February 2019.

In December 2018, the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry evaluated the legal compliance performance of the ANJT concessions, the level of deforestation wherein is depicted in the following photos.

The permits for these two ANJT palm oil concessions were granted in the SBY era, before President Joko Widodo took office.

At the end of July 2014, Mongabay first reported that clearing of intact forests in the concessions had begun, referring tospatial report from Greenomics Indonesia.

New evidence 

This news report provides evidence that no further deforestation has taken place in the two ANJT palm oil concessions over the past year until early February this year. 

The following satellite images from the spatial team, portraying blocks in which deforestation last took place in early December 2018, clearly demonstrate that no more deforestation has occurred there.

The good progress made by ANJT over the last year is commendable and the company now has the chance to show further consistency by continuing to refrain from engaging in deforestation in the concessions concerned.  

The satellite images below, also presented by the spatial team, further reinforce the fact that ANJT has stepped back from deforesting its high carbon stock (HCS) forest-dominated concessions.

Major palm oil buyers such as NestléCargill and Mars, as also reported by, have previously promised to remove ANJT from their supply chains due to its history of deforestation in West Papua.

ANJT’s change of behavior - whereby it has stopped any further deforestation of the HCS forests, and any new peat ecosystem drainage, in its concessions - is certainly tied to its attempts to fulfill compliance with the RSPO, as reported by in early December 2018.

Moreover, ANJT’s discontinuation of deforestation practices is also aligned with President Joko Widodo’s order, issued in September 2018, concerning a moratorium on palm oil development expansion in areas of good forest cover in existing concessions.